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Domestic Violence

False or trumped up domestic violence charges can ruin a person or a family, resulting in more than just legal penalties. Because domestic violence charges are serious, and are prosecuted so aggressively in Oregon, you need an attorney who will not back down.

Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are experienced in representing both people accused of domestic violence, and alleged victims of domestic violence who do not agree that they were abused or do not agree with the state’s proposed resolution of the case (although never in the same case).

Domestic violence cases are complex, involving family and romantic relationships that are often complicated. Being accused of domestic violence can result in a wide range of consequences, from losing one’s children, to spending time in jail, to forfeiting the right to possess a firearm. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys fiercely advocate for our clients to make sure that they have the best possible defense.

In addition to criminal charges, anyone accused of domestic violence may also be facing a demand for an order of protection from the alleged victim. Restraining orders are civil matters but can be closely related to your criminal case. A restraining order can also be a major burden on your life, particularly if you share children with the alleged victim or if the alleged victim is your child or another family member. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are experienced in handing restraining order matters. Depending on the circumstances, they can either represent a client directly or assist in associating counsel to represent our client on all of his or her related domestic relations issues (e.g., petitions for dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support).