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Drug Prosecutions In State And Federal Court

Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys handle serious narcotic cases at both the state and federal levels. We have represented individuals charged in large-scale conspiracies prosecuted in federal court, as well as possession and hand-to-hand transaction cases prosecuted in state court.

Zealous defense of drug crimes often includes litigating unlawful search and seizure and unconstitutional wiretapping issues, the use of forensic accountants, and scrutiny of drug lab testing procedures. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are experienced with these issues, and we have successfully challenged illegal searches in both state and federal court.

A conviction for a state or federal drug offense can have serious long-term ramifications on your life. It can affect your driving privileges, employment possibilities, professional license and, perhaps most importantly, your freedom. For example, in federal court there are mandatory minimum sentences for large-scale drug offenses. This can mean the accused may be facing mandatory minimum sentences of 5, 10, or 20 years, or even life imprisonment. Alternatively, depending on the jurisdiction, in smaller-scale drug possession cases there may be a diversion program available that will allow a person to completely avoid a conviction. Because so much depends on how the case is prosecuted, it is important to get the experienced attorneys from Boise Matthews Donegan on your side as early as possible.