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Driving Under The Influence

Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants can be embarrassing and can have a significant and negative impact on your life. Although most DUII cases are misdemeanor offenses, some are felonies, and all should be treated seriously. Some DUII cases involve separate personal injury lawsuits, and all DUII cases involve both a criminal case and an administrative proceeding regarding your driver’s license. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys have the experience to help you recover from your arrest and face your legal challenges head on.

DUII administrative license proceedings involve strict deadlines that must be met to maintain your driving privileges. You should contact the attorneys at Boise Matthews Donegan immediately after your arrest to meet those deadlines and begin the process of making sure your DUII arrest does not derail your life.

The prosecution of DUIIs involves complicated technology and the police are supposed to follow the correct procedures. We have experience combing through each DUII investigation with the goal of getting your case dismissed or the charges or jail time reduced or eliminated. Our goal is to fight to help you achieve the best possible result so that you can move on with your life.