Practice Areas

Federal Court

Many misdemeanor and felony offenses can be charged in either state or federal court. Federal criminal defense is a much more challenging undertaking than representing clients in Oregon’s circuit or municipal courts.

Unlike many criminal defense lawyers, Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys regularly represent clients in both state and federal courts. In fact, other criminal defense attorneys frequently refer clients who are facing federal charges to our law firm.

If you are facing charges in the Federal District of Oregon, it is important to speak to an attorney who is experienced in defending against federal charges as soon as possible. We can assist you at every phase of the legal process.

In the federal court system, the grand jury takes an active role in investigating a case before deciding whether to return an indictment. If you are aware, or even suspect, that a federal grand jury has been convened to investigate something with which you may be involved, we can help. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys have worked in the federal courts for the last 25 years, and can often determine whether you are being targeted in a criminal investigation, or being sought as a witness.

If you have already been indicted, you still have rights and we will protect them. We are thoroughly familiar with federal court procedures and have effectively represented clients charged with all types of federal offenses, from white collar crimes, to drug crimes and child pornography. If you should be convicted, we also work to minimize the negative consequences to you in the sentencing phase of the process, advocating for probationary sentences or the most lenient sentence possible.