Past Cases

State v. _______, 363 Or. 226 (2018)

First-degree rape and other sex convictions vacated in landmark Oregon Supreme Court opinion regarding a defendant’s right to subpoena critical evidence at trial; case remanded to trial court for further proceedings.

United States v. _______, D. Or.

Client sentenced to 5-year mandatory minimum prison term received Presidential pardon in 2018.

State v. _________, Multnomah County

Client charged with Criminally Negligent Homicide; resolved with plea to infraction of Careless Driving, no jail time, and community service.

United States v. ___________, D. Or.

Federal drug conspiracy charges dismissed after proving to the Government that client could not have committed the crimes charged.

United States v. ___________, D. Or.

Client facing 15-year mandatory minimum sentence under the Armed Career Criminal Act sentenced to 4 years.

State v. _________, Jackson County

Client charged with four Measure 11 sex offenses against a minor, each carrying a mandatory minimum of 75 months; resolved with plea to probation.

State v. ________, Washington County

Client charged with 15 counts, including two counts of Kidnapping in the First Degree; resolved with plea agreement resulting in 5 years of probation.

State v. _________, Multnomah County

Grand jury murder investigation of potential murder resulting in “no bill,” or no charges filed, against individual who shot another in self-defense.

Federal Investigation

Potential embezzlement case against Fortune 100 employee resolved through civil compromise and no criminal charges being filed.

Federal Investigation

The United States Defense Finance and Accounting Service agrees to a civil monetary resolution and declines a prosecution for alleged fraudulent receipt of government funds.

State v. _______, 280 Or. App. 43 (2016)

Murder sentence imposed on juvenile offender challenged on appeal to Oregon Court of Appeals; sentence reversed.

State v. _______, Tillamook County

Client charged with numerous counts; after 8-day jury trial, Manslaughter in the Second Degree (Measure 11) and multiple counts of Assault in the Third Degree dismissed; client convicted of Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver and Reckless Driving.

State v. _______, Washington County

Client charged with four counts of Assault In The Fourth Degree, Failure To Perform The Duties of a Driver, Criminal Mischief In The Second Degree and Reckless Driving; case resolved with a guilty plea to a single misdemeanor, with a sentence of probation.

State Investigation

Case involving alleged theft of over $100,000 resolved with no criminal charges brought.

Federal Investigation

After a five-year investigation, the United States, through the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office, declines to prosecute client for alleged government contracting fraud.

Federal investigation

The United States, through the Oregon U. S. Attorney’s Office, declines prosecution of client for alleged possession of child pornography.

United States v. _______, D. Or.

Case resolved though guilty plea to a single count of mail fraud based upon allegations that client had taken more than $100,000 from church; client sentenced to probation, with restitution, but no jail time.

State v. _______, Deschutes County

Client’s conviction set aside (expunged), and client’s rights restored, despite client still having significant outstanding restitution obligation.

State v. _______, Multnomah County

Murder (Measure 11 / Life with Mandatory Minimum of 25 years imprisonment) allegation resolved with guilty plea to Manslaughter in the First Degree and sentence of 12 years imprisonment.

State v. _______, Multnomah County

Following jury trial, client acquitted of all counts, including Felony Assault in the Fourth Degree, Assault in the Fourth Degree and Menacing.

State Investigation

Multnomah County declines prosecution of the owner of a company for alleged theft from a client.

State v. _______, Yamhill County

Charges of Assault in the Fourth Degree and Menacing dismissed pursuant to a civil compromise agreement).

State v. _______, Multnomah County

Client convicted of multiple counts of possession of child pornography sentenced to term of probation.

State Investigation

Marion County declines to prosecute clients being investigated for fraud related to government energy contracts.

Federal Investigation

The United States, through the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington, declines to prosecute client for alleged securities violations.

State Investigation

Case involving allegations that client sexually abused family member resolved when Multnomah County declines to prosecute client.

State v. _______, Clackamas County

Client acquitted following a jury trial of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in a Court Facility.

Federal Investigation

After a several year investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington declines prosecution of alleged fraudulent health care billing by a medical provider.

_______ v. Oregon Medical Board, 270 Or. App. 621 (2015)

Sanction issued by Oregon Medical Board vacated.

State v. _______, 349 Or. 572 (2011)

Convictions for possession of child pornography reversed; case remanded for entry of judgments of acquittal.

United States v. _______ , 241 Fed. Appx. 398 (9th Cir. 2007)

Client’s conviction for assaulting federal officer reversed.

United States v. _______, 488 F.3d 844 (9th Cir. 2007)

Ninth Circuit en banc court reexamines and reverses long-standing precedent holding that Oregon’s burglary in the second degree is categorically a crime of violence that will support imposition of a mandatory minimum term under the Armed Career Criminal Act.

United States v. _______, 128 Fed. Appx. 602 (9th Cir. 2005)

Conviction for aiding and abetting the use of a firearm in connection with robbery reversed and remanded for entry of judgment of acquittal on that count.

VLY v. Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision, 338 Or. 44 (2005)

Designation as predatory sex offender vacated.

Putzier v. _______, 193 Or. App. 80 (2004)

Stalking Protective Order vacated.

State v. _______, 337 Or. 283 (2004)

As argued by defendant, defendant’s conviction was for “felony” murder, not “intentional” murder, accordingly underlying felony convictions merge and the sentences for those offenses cannot be imposed consecutively.