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Sex Offenses

A conviction for a sex-related crime can have devastating, life-long consequences. In addition to prison, a conviction generally requires registration as a sex offender, and leads to restrictions on where you can live, work and engage in certain activities.

Because of the drastic consequences that can flow from a conviction, it is critically important that you retain a skilled attorney as soon as you learn that allegations have been leveled against you. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are highly experienced in this area. Whitney Boise not only has decades of experience but has guided other lawyers in the defense of such crimes.

Although sexual assault is prevalent in our society, there are far too many false claims of sexual assault or abuse. Many sex crimes cases depend solely on the word of the alleged victim. Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are skilled at investigating cases to get the heart of the matter, so that we can present the best possible defense to the charges. We will explore every possible avenue to have false sex crimes charges dismissed so that you can move forward with your life.

Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys understand how overwhelming and frightening it can be to be accused of committing a sex crime, as these crimes carry some of the most significant legal and non-legal consequences of any crime in our society. We will listen to you, investigate your case, help you understand your options, educate you on your rights, and aggressively pursue the reduction or dismissal of the charges.