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Violent Crimes

Seldom are violent crimes handled by the police in the manner portrayed in television and film dramas. Due to limited manpower and budget restrictions, police and prosecutors do not always pursue alternative suspects, verify or disprove alibis, or interview witnesses who could provide testimony to help your case.

Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys are well-equipped to turn the tables and put the prosecution on the defensive by identifying and exploiting their failure to track down alternative suspects, pursue leads, and properly handle evidence.

Police investigators and prosecutors often work from the assumption that most victims of violent crimes know their attacker, which can narrow the depth and scope of the investigation. Unfortunately, circumstantial evidence or a weak alibi can result in a rush to judgment.

Mounting a vigorous defense in cases alleging violent crime includes hiring talented investigators, examining DNA and fiber evidence, and thoroughly processing the crime scene and the evidence seized.

Each case is unique but Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys think outside the box to advocate for our clients. In some cases, this may call for a crime scene video reenactment; in others, a forensic analysis of the accuser’s computer. Such investigatory tactics are rarely employed by the police, enabling Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys to highlight the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

If you were involved in an incident, but acting in self-defense, we will work to explain, through evidence and experts, the series of events that caused you to protect yourself. We will be fully prepared to show the prosecution that your actions were legally justified.

Cases involving violent crime are rarely black and white. If you are facing assault charges, Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys will develop an aggressive defense strategy focused on making sure your side of the story is heard, and the best possible results are achieved.