Practice Areas

White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

White collar criminal defense is a cornerstone of Boise Matthews Donegan’s practice.

Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys have extensive experience representing individual and corporate clients in investigations conducted by the United States Department of Justice, the Securities Exchange Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and other federal, state and local agencies. Our broad experience in white collar criminal defense matters includes representations involving areas such as bribery and gratuities, health care fraud and government contracts.

Through our years of experience, we understand how to guide our clients through the challenging and delicate process of a government investigation. We are capable and experienced litigators who are ready and able to take a white collar criminal case to trial and litigate it aggressively in the courts if that approach is in our client’s best interest.

To build our defense in white collar cases, we work with experts such as forensic accountants, environmental experts, computer experts and investigators.

Investigations of white collar crimes are often thoroughly—and quietly—conducted. Many people being investigated for financial wrongdoing do not even suspect that they are the subjects of investigation until they are arrested and charged with a crime. If you suspect you are the subject of an investigation, or if you have already been charged with a white collar crime, call Boise Matthews Donegan attorneys as soon as possible.

Our white collar practice includes the representation of businesses accused of wrongdoing. If your business is under investigation, we can assist you with search warrants and responding to grand jury subpoenas. In addition to defending your company against any charges, we will work to minimize the disruption to your business activity.

White Collar Crimes include:

• Mail and Wire Fraud
• Tax Fraud (and IRS Investigations)
• Health Care Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Securities Fraud
• Bank and Mortgage Fraud
• Conspiracy