Practice Areas

Traditional Criminal Defense

Boise Matthews attorneys have been at the forefront of representing individuals charged with crimes in municipal, state and federal court for years. No stone is left unturned and, depending on the circumstances, our representation can include DNA testing, fingerprint analysis, polygraph testing, hair and fiber analysis, and computer and forensic analysis.

Not only will we attack the evidence in the case, but we will also examine the way the charging document has been pled, and whether evidence has been constitutionally seized.

Boise Matthews attorneys appreciate that being investigated or charged with a crime—no matter how serious—can be a life altering event, and believe that the best results are achieved through hard work and a vigorous defense.

Because of our extensive experience in criminal litigation, we are equipped to represent individuals charged with any type of criminal offense, whether it is found in the criminal code or outside of it. A few of the broad categories of offenses in which we represent clients are discussed below:




False or trumped-up domestic violence charges can ruin a person or a family, resulting in more than just legal penalties. Because domestic violence charges are serious, and are prosecuted so aggressively in Oregon, you need an attorney who will not back down.

Boise Matthews attorneys are experienced in representing both people accused of domestic violence, and alleged victims of domestic violence who do not agree that they were abused or do not agree with the state’s proposed resolution of the case (although never in the same case).

Domestic violence cases are complex, involving family and romantic relationships that are often complicated. Being accused of domestic violence can result in a wide range of consequences, from losing one’s children, to spending time in jail, to forfeiting the right to possess a firearm. Boise Matthews attorneys fiercely advocate for our clients to make sure that they have the best possible defense.

Along with criminal charges, anyone accused of domestic violence may also be facing a demand for an order of protection from the alleged victim. Restraining orders are civil matters but can be closely related to your criminal case. A restraining order can also be a major burden on your life, particularly if you share children with the alleged victim or if the alleged victim is your child or another family member. Boise Matthews attorneys are experienced in handing restraining order matters. Depending on the circumstances, they can either represent a client directly or assist in associating counsel to represent our client on all of his or her related domestic relations issues (e.g., petitions for dissolution of marriage, child custody, child support).


Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants can be embarrassing and can have a significant and negative impact on your life. Although most DUII cases are misdemeanor offenses, some are felonies, and all should be treated seriously. Some DUII cases involve separate personal injury lawsuits, and all DUII cases involve both a criminal case and an administrative proceeding regarding your driver’s license. Boise Matthews attorneys have the experience to help you recover from your arrest and face your legal challenges head on.

DUII administrative license proceedings involve strict deadlines that must be met to maintain your driving privileges. You should contact the attorneys at Boise Matthews immediately after your arrest to meet those deadlines and begin the process of making sure your DUII arrest does not derail your life.

The prosecution of DUIIs involves complicated technology and the police are supposed to follow the correct procedures. We have experience combing through each DUII investigation with the goal of getting your case dismissed or the charges or jail time reduced or eliminated. Our goal is to fight to help you achieve the best possible result so that you can move on with your life.


Boise Matthews attorneys handle serious narcotic cases at both the state and federal levels. We have represented individuals charged in large-scale conspiracies prosecuted in federal court, as well as possession and hand-to-hand transaction cases prosecuted in state court.

Zealous defense of drug crimes often includes litigating unlawful search and seizure and unconstitutional wire taping issues, the use of forensic accountants, and scrutiny of drug lab testing procedures. Boise Matthews attorneys are experienced with these issues, and we have successfully challenged illegal searches in both state and federal court.

A conviction for a state or federal drug offense can have serious long-term ramifications on your life. It can affect your driving privileges, employment possibilities, professional license and, perhaps most importantly, your freedom. For example, in federal court there are mandatory minimum sentences for large scale drug offenses. This can mean the accused may be facing mandatory minimum sentences of 5, 10, or 20 years, or even life imprisonment. Alternatively, depending on the jurisdiction, in smaller scale drug possession cases there may be a diversion program available that will allow a person to completely avoid a conviction. Because so much depends on how the case is prosecuted, it is important to get the experienced attorneys from Boise Matthews on your side as early as possible.


A misdemeanor in Oregon state court is an offense that carries with it a penalty of less than one year in jail. The range of crimes that are categorized as misdemeanors are extensive, as are the actual punishments that are imposed.

Because any type of criminal conviction can have a dramatic impact on your future, you should take any charge—even for a low-level misdemeanor—seriously. Often the key to a good result in a misdemeanor case is having an attorney involved early in the process who can fully investigate the case, both factually and legally, and persuasively present the defense perspective to the prosecution.

Boise Matthews attorneys are highly experienced at representing people charged with misdemeanor offenses. We encourage you to contact us at the earliest point possible in the process to put our experience and skills to work on your behalf.


A conviction for a sex-related crime can have devastating, life-long consequences. In addition to prison, a conviction generally requires registration as a sex offender, and leads to restrictions on where you can live, work and engage in certain activities.

Because of the drastic consequences that can flow from a conviction, it is essential that you retain a skilled attorney as soon as you learn that allegations have been leveled against you. Boise Matthews attorneys are highly experienced in this area. Whitney Boise not only has decades of experience but has guided other lawyers in the defense of such crimes.

Although sexual assault is prevalent in our society, there are far too many false claims of sexual assault or abuse. Many sex crimes cases depend solely on the word of the alleged victim. Boise Matthews attorneys are skilled at investigating cases to get to the heart of the matter, so that we can present the best possible defense to the charges. We will explore every possible avenue to have false sex crimes charges dismissed so that you can move forward with your life.

Boise Matthews attorneys understand how overwhelming and frightening it can be to be accused of committing a sex crime, as these crimes carry some of the most significant legal and non-legal consequences of any crime in our society. We will listen to you, investigate your case, help you understand your options, educate you on your rights, and aggressively pursue the reduction or dismissal of the charges.


Seldom are violent crimes—even those that carry extreme mandatory minimums as found in Measure 11—handled by the police in the manner portrayed in television and film dramas. Because of limited manpower and budget restrictions, police and prosecutors do not always pursue alternative suspects, verify or disprove alibis, or interview witnesses who could provide testimony to help your case.

Boise Matthews attorneys are well-equipped to turn the tables and put the prosecution on the defensive by identifying and exploiting their failure to track down alternative suspects, pursue leads, and properly handle evidence.

Police investigators and prosecutors often work from the assumption that most victims of violent crimes know their attacker, which can narrow the depth and scope of the investigation. Unfortunately, circumstantial evidence or a weak alibi can result in a rush to judgment.

Mounting a vigorous defense in cases alleging violent crime includes hiring talented investigators, examining DNA and fiber evidence, and thoroughly processing the crime scene and the evidence seized.

Each case is unique, but Boise Matthews attorneys think outside the box to advocate for our clients. In some cases, this may call for a crime scene video reenactment; in others, a forensic analysis of the accuser’s computer. Such investigatory tactics are rarely employed by the police, enabling Boise Matthews attorneys to highlight the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

If you were involved in an incident, but acting in self-defense, we will work to explain, through evidence and experts, the series of events that caused you to protect yourself. We will be fully prepared to show the prosecution that your actions were legally justified.

Cases involving violent crime are rarely black and white. If you are facing assault charges, Boise Matthews attorneys will develop an aggressive defense strategy focused on making sure your side of the story is heard, and the best possible results are achieved.